I am a food & beverage freelancer
based in London.


After studying the business of contemporary art for seven years, I quit everything to work for something I deeply love since the day some taste buds developed in my mouth : eating and drinking good stuff. And particularly to highlight these beautiful products by developing recipes with or pairing them, styling and shooting them, or by using social medias to get them known and loved for example.

I am very concerned about the way food is made, about the producers and the crazy work they accomplish, and the way chefs and ordinary people cook and savoure it. After a few years working for great food companies in Lyon (L’épicerie mobile -now closed- and Deligreens) and for my blog and Instagram, I decide to fly to London to do what I love the most for different clients.

My job is to bring to light the products, the people and the places with a real passion for the best food and wine. Restaurant, wine bar, grocer, deli, food startup, food guide, pub… Here is a glimpse of what we can do together :


Recipe development, food styling & photography

Example of project : I develop, style and photograph two recipes per month for PinotBleu. Each recipe pairs with one of their wine and uses local and seasonal ingredients.




Photo report

Portraits of chefs, winemakers, producers… Here from left to right : Sylvère Trichard and his son Léon (for Totem Wines), Jack Coghlan and Michael West at The Chardon in Arles, and Eric Miagoux, producer of Salers in Auvergne (for Provisions).


Sharing about your product and your product with my community on Instagram can be part of our work together.

Odessa Comptoir (during JAJA Power Festival) and Le Vin des Vivants in Lyon, and Brawn in London.



Social media management and graphic design

The social media management can include graphic design, as well as a photo report (or one every two months for example).



Please feel free to write me about your project, even if it doesn’t fit it those categories :


Let’s work together.